Veteran Strong Tickets (“VST”) is an Event Ticket Marketplace.

The VST Event Ticket Marketplace is a location that brings donors, sellers and buyers of event tickets together in one location to conduct business. The VST Event Ticket Marketplace is neither a buyer nor seller of event tickets. Rather, it provides a safe and centralized forum for donors and sellers wishing to donate (to eligible Veteran/Reserve/Military Community [“VRMC”] Only) or sell event tickets to eligible VRMC recipients’ and/or buyers wishing to buy event tickets to fulfill their mutual interests.  Eligible VRMC are subject to special processing with pre-coordination through VRMC Command channels with promotional codes as assigned.

Since VST is an independent marketplace, we do not determine the price of tickets for sale on Veteran Strong Tickets Network (“VSTN”). Our prices are determined by the “market value.” The “market value” can be substantially higher than the “face value” of the ticket, the same price as the “face value” of the ticket, or less than the “face value” of the ticket, depending on the market conditions at any particular time.

VST applies a service charge to each ticket that we sell, so the price printed on the ticket is not necessarily our selling price. A portion of the proceeds from this service charge are used to assist VRMC and their families through our various Veteran Strong initiatives.

VST is not affiliated with and is not licensed by any act, venue, promoter, league, team, Defense Department or Veteran Service Organizations (“VSO”). All copyrights, trademarks or trade names used by VST are for descriptive purposes only and not by or on behalf of these entities.

The Veteran Strong Network (“VSN”), VST, and its associates dedicate this and other sites, services and sustaining elements to support the VRMC.

The venue maps use are a courtesy from TSI to support the VSN and VRMC.

Premier Marketing Services, Inc., HireAVetToday, VSN and its affiliates and sites are not affiliated with the Department of Defense (“DoD”) or any branch of the Armed Services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard or Reserve Components or the rest of the 13 branches of services) and their paid advertising on our media channels or their affiliates’ or their image inclusion on any presentation does not reflect endorsement by the DoD, or any local government and/or their agencies. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO DISCLAIM ANY BLAME OR ISSUES OUR PARTNERS OR SPONSORS MAY ENCOUNTER TO PRODUCE OR DELIVER PRODUCTS AND THEIR SERVICES, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS, JUST VERY GRATEFUL FOR THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS.

Please also see our Terms of Service regarding ticket orders

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